It’s Time for T: Paint Colors

by dstonebuilders on September 20, 2016


I have a confession…I am addicted to every magazine devoted to new construction, renovation and DIY.  (Consumer Reports, Kitchen & Bath Designs, Trends, Best of, etc…)  They are strategically placed, by the checkout of my local grocery store, to taunt and tease me! I cannot stop myself from buying at least one!  I may come home without milk & bread but never without my magazine(s).

That information helps me to provide our clients at D. Stone Builders Inc. with the best possible customer service.  I have been with D. Stone Builders for almost 20 years and helped to design and decorate hundreds of beautiful custom homes.  My passion is design and reading is the best way for me to stay up on the latest trends.

For instance, did you know that Dover White & Kilim Beige are two of Sherwin Williams best-selling paint colors?  If you’re feeling neutral and need “the perfect paint color”, this would be it!

Benjamin Moore announced “Simply White” as their best-selling paint color this year while Sherwin Williams chose “Alabaster” White.  Paint COLOR of the year is white?  That’s what Consumer Reports, “Special Edition “How to Paint Anything” says.

Trends fade & color forecasts change with the economy, and the prevailing mood worldwide.  Research shows that during positive economic times people are drawn to bold, bright colors.  People tend to stay with safe, neutral colors during a low economy.   Makes sense.

For a while there, everyone wanted gray paint colors.  The cool gray with blue undertones.  Seemed more sterile and industrial than the warmer grays of today.  Repose Gray is my current favorite.  It actually looks like it changes colors depending on how much, or little, natural light you have in the room.    Greige, by Sherwin Williams, is another safe warm gray….the name pretty well describes the current color trend.

Go visit one of our spec houses in Northwest Greensboro (15 Nottinghill Court and 2 Duck Club Court) to see these, and other paint colors.  You may even decide you’d rather buy one of these houses than paint your current home??!  If you do, give us a call.  J

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