5 Reasons Why Renovating Could be Smarter than Buying a New Home

Are you sick and tired of those old countertops? Need more space to move around in your tiny bathroom? Does your master bedroom need more storage space? Sometimes, when it’s starting to feel like you’ve outgrown your home, renovating your current home can be a more practical and satisfying solution than purchasing a new home. Here’s why.

Property Value

You’ve already invested in your current home, why not invest more and get more out of it in the long run? Home renovation projects do more than boost your curb appeal and make better Instagram-able backgrounds. Fixing a kitchen, bathroom, or even adding a half-bath can add thousands to the property value of your home. More often than not, you’ll get more than what you put into renovations out of your house if you do go to sell it down the road. Updating your home if you plan to sell one day can help you sell your home and get a higher return on your investment.


Whether you’re just around the corner from your favorite restaurant, a quick stroll to the gym, or you live on your ideal piece of land, why forfeit what you love about your location when you can fix what you don’t love about your house? Tackle some home improvement by partnering with a professional who can renovate your home and create your perfect space while allowing you to stay in your perfect location.


Renovations are about more than aesthetics. Will renovating make your space more functional? If so, add this to your personal list of reasons to renovate. Increasing your living space’s functionality will help you, your family, and your guests feel more at ease in your home. No one likes living in a cramped or cluttered space all the time, so be strategic about how you arrange your space when renovating.

Changing needs

Growing family? Visiting in-laws? Additions are an excellent way to renovate and create more space without uprooting your life. Or maybe you’re an empty-nester who no longer needs 4 bedrooms and would rather redesign the second floor of your home to make it more fitting for the next stage of your life. Your home might’ve fit your needs and lifestyle when you first moved in, but that doesn’t mean the original floor plan still works or that it will work for you in 20 years. Renovating your home allows you to ensure that your house fits your next stage of life without giving up the home you’ve loved.

Style preference

Just because your home was built in the 60s or 70s doesn’t mean everyone needs to know that just by glancing through the front door. Create a space you love to be in by renovating an older home and adding clean, modern touches. Crafting a space that’s designed to meet your needs and match your style preferences, all while adding value to your home? Where do we sign up?

Sure, sometimes selling is smarter, but if you like your location and enjoy where you live, why not remodel and improve it rather than giving it up altogether? For more on remodeling your home in the Triad area, check out D. Stone Builders.

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