8 Custom Bonus Room Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Space

Whether you already have a bonus room that you’re not sure how to use in your current home or you’re getting ready to build a custom home, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best use of your space.


8 ways to use a bonus room in your custom home.

Don’t let your extra space become a “junk” room where all of your stretched-out sweaters, old recliners, broken toys, and discarded wedding gifts go to die. Put it to good use with some of these custom room ideas.

Home office

Bear with us. It doesn’t sound very inspirational or unique, but if you get crafty and personal with the decor, a home office can be exactly what you need. Turn it into your own personal retreat by adding bookshelves, a desk, and plenty of space to work. A home office is an excellent alternative if you like the idea of a craft room or library but need a space that can be a bit more versatile or shared among multiple family members.

Sitting room

Sure, why would you need a “sitting room” if you already have a living room? Because life is hectic and you should take every opportunity you can to sit back and relax, that’s why. And because having an extra living area allows you to create a space just for guests and a separate space for your household. Pro-tip: make your additional room the more relaxed of the two spaces so you can simply close the door and hide everyday messes if you have unexpected guests.


Similarly to having an extra living room, having a dedicated playroom helps you keep the mess (think: toys, snacks, spills, etc.) somewhat confined to one room that you can easily hide from houseguests.


Some people dream of home theaters, but what about a dedicated library? You can even include a daybed to give you a cozy place to kick back with a book while adding an extra sleeping space for overnight guests.

Pet room

Have furry kids? Contain their messes and give them a safe space by turning your extra room into their room. Set up their crates, beds, toys, and food stations in such a way that makes it easy for you to move around, clean up, and hang out with your favorite pals. The perk to adding a pet room is that it creates a safe and consistent space for them to hide out when you’re not home or when they might be overwhelmed by your upcoming dinner party.

Yoga Studio

Tired of trying to find your zen while Mr. Whiskers weaves between your calves, your children romp around the living room, or your yoga mat slowly slides across the kitchen floor? See? A yoga studio is sounding pretty great now, isn’t it?

Media room

Home theaters are great for awhile, but you might burn out on having what’s basically a gigantic movie room. Instead, get more use out of a room designed to accommodate multiple types of media enjoyment including gaming, films, vinyl, recording, etc.

Storage room

Yes, we already warned against letting your extra space become a junk room, but if you’re smart and intentional about your setup, having an extra room purely for storage can be an absolute dream. Consider adding built in shelving and cabinetry to create a room where you can strategically store and hide your craft materials, seasonal decorations, upcoming birthday gifts, and other miscellaneous-but-necessary items that seem to find their way into your home.

Planning ahead, customize your home decor, and thinking about how you’ll best use additional space and get the most out of your home will help you choose the right custom room for your household.

Thinking about how to use your space in your new home? Here are 6 questions to ask before building your dream home.

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