Why Building a Custom Home Could Be Smarter Than Buying

You can design the best fit for the long haul.

Many families move into their first house expecting it to be their forever home but quickly realize they’d prefer more space once their family starts growing. Rather than move into a “starter” home, save a lot of time and money by designing and building a home around your lifestyle and long-term plans.

You can tailor the floor plan to your lifestyle.

Sometimes you don’t need a larger home. You need a floor plan that makes sense for your lifestyle. Whether you want large, wide-open spaces to entertain or prefer a cozier, more private feel, you can create it yourself when you work with a custom home builder.

Choose exactly where you want to live.

Rather than choosing a home by the neighborhood or community you’d like you to be in or passing up a beautiful home because you don’t like the area, custom homes can be built wherever you can find the right piece of land. So, whether you want to be farther out in the countryside or closer to town, you get to build your dream home in your dream location.

Save money on design and customization upfront.

Ever looked at a home and loved everything about it except the kitchen? Or thought it’d be perfect if it just had one more bathroom? Sure, renovations and additions are often feasible options, but they usually bring hefty, unexpected costs and can often lead to more projects and more money spent on redesigning a home that was built for someone else, not you and your family.

Build a smarter home from the get-go.

If you’ve ever moved into an older home, you know that older appliances can throw off your style and ramp up your energy bill in a heartbeat. There’s more to building your dream home than getting to choose your perfect floor plan. On top of getting to design a home, you can count on having a more energy efficient home than you would as a typical home buyer. A brand new home is going to be better insulated, feature more modern, energy-efficient appliances, and helps you live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

When you build a home from scratch, you get to decide which appliances to install from the ground up. Rather than moving into an older home and paying to remove old appliances, replace them with more modern amenities, and renovate the space to accommodate your needs, you can get exactly what you want from the first time you walk through the door.

Partner with a custom home builder right here in the Triad area and connect with D. Stone Builders to get started on your dream home. For design inspiration, check out our gallery.

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